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Listing Events

1. What is an event? contains listings pages specifically tailored to displaying shows, auditions, and applications deadlines. Therefore, none of these should be listed as an event; for more information see the listing shows infobase pages. Please note we are also a service for Cambridge Theatre Societies only. We will not accept events listings which fall outside this category (e.g. clubs, parties, or shows which are not Cambridge student-related.)

2. How to list an event

To list an event you must be a registered administrator for a society. If you are not, please get in touch with the committee of the society overseeing the event, or email websupport.

Generally the quickest way to edit an event is to find it on the diary page. If you are logged in and have the access required to edit the event, an "E" icon will appear in the entry; click on it to jump straight to the editor.

If it's not yet listed in the diary, or you can't find it, or you wish to create an entirely new event, click "full admin menu..." available near the top left of each screen when you're logged in. Then choose "Events Editor".

You are shown a list of events to which you have access. You can add, delete, view or edit events by clicking as appropriate.

When editing or creating an event, you may fill in the following fields:

3. Technical differences between events and shows

In many respects, shows and events are handled similarly by However, events are limited in that you cannot associate auditions or applications with them, and they do not (currently) get archived after they are complete.

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