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You can list auditions on our actors page. Firstly, you need to create the show or gain access (if some details of the show have already been entered by someone else).

Now go to the show manager. (When logged in, a link to the show manager appears near the top left of every page.)

By default, the show manager only displays shows you have created or have been granted access to. However, if you have access to a large number of shows, you may wish to search for the show you are editing; to do so, click on "display search paramaters".

Once you have found the show, click on the open positions: "actors" link which appears in the show listings table. There are now two stages to creating a full entry:

1. Enter the date, time and location of each audition, pressing "add" after each one. If you wish to advertise auditions on an ad-hoc basis (i.e. there are no scheduled times), you may tick the "Non-Scheduled" box, and add an entry in the location such as "Contact abc12 for more information".

2. In the larger box at the bottom of the page (Extra information for auditions page), enter any information which is common to all auditions for this show.

Audition notices must include:

- Show Name

- Show Dates & Times (Theatre week).

- Show Venue (excluding tour shows).

- Show Description

- Audition location - with directions if difficult to find.

- Audition times

- Audition information - extracts provided, loose clothing etc.

Note that it is not generally desirable to add an extra synopsis on this field, as the standard show synopsis which is entered in the general show details will be accessible to anyone viewing the advert. You only need to do this once for the show; it will be displayed for all the audition times you entered in stage 1.

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