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Director and Producer

When are "director/producer applications" used?

Your show may wish to open general applications for non-technical positions; for example, you may be searching for a director, producer, musical director or choreographer.

If this is the case, you should list these positions under "open postitions: others" in the show manager.

How to list a "director/producer application"

Firstly, you need to create the show or gain access (if some details of the show have already been entered by someone else).

Now go to the show manager. (When logged in, a link to the show manager appears near the top left of every page.)

By default, the show manager only displays shows you have created or have been granted access to. However, if you have access to a large number of shows, you may wish to search for the show you are editing; to do so, click on "display search paramaters".

Once you have found the show, click on the open positions: "others" link which appears in the show listings table.

You can only have one "other" advert active per show at any one time. Thus enter in the brief description field a summary of exactly what positions you are looking to fill (e.g. "Applications to direct/produce/choreograph"). Your show name will be included in the advert automatically so you should not list it here.

The further information field can hold any details that are appropriate. Most importantly, remember to put in the contact details of the person holding the applications. Your show synopsis from the main show details will be accessible to anyone viewing the advert, so it is not generally desirable to add an extra synopsis in this filed.

Enter the deadline date and time (the time can be left at 00:00 if you have no specific deadline time, in which case no time will be displayed), and click on "Create".

Creating a "director/producer application" for a society or venue

You can open applications for non-specific shows. You need to be registered as a society or venue administrator to do this.

Log in, click on "full admin menu...", then go to the society manager page. Each society/venue you have access to is listed. Next to the relevent one, click "applications", then enter the relevent details. (For guidance, see the information under "how to list" above.)

Applications for societies are listed on the diary page as well as on the applications page.

You can only have one set of applications open for each society at any one time.

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