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You can list vacant production team positions on our production page. Firstly, you need to create the show or gain access (if some details of the show have already been entered by someone else).

Now go to the show manager. (Select the 'admin' tab, and then choose 'Show Manager')

By default, the show manager only displays shows you have created or have been granted access to. However, if you have access to a large number of shows, you may wish to search for the show you are editing.

Once you have found the show, click on the open positions: "production team" link which appears in the show listings table. If there is already an advert entered for the show, you will have the option to delete it or edit it. Click on the latter to update the information.

The create/editing process is straight-forward; simply type a list of roles available (one per line) in the Positions available box. You can also use the list of common roles, clicking insert after each one, to build your list if this is easier for you.

Insert a short contact phrase in the contact details box, e.g. "contact Andrew Collander (abc12) for more information"

If you do not provide a deadline date, the advert will be automatically set to expire after four days. This is just to ensure the production team vacancies list is always up to date. You are automatically warned via email should your entry be about to expire; the email carries instructions on how to renew, a straightforward and fast process.

You may also specify a deadline time, if you wish.

The further information field may be filled in if you wish; please note that your standard show details and synopsis will be included in the advert, so you are advised against including an extra synopsis in this field. More useful information to be included here might be an explanation of each role, or any existing design ideas/concepts.

Style Guidelines

Please note the production team listings on are used to generate the ADC Techies' List emails. Therefore, it is exceptionally important to keep each advert concise, as few people are willing to trawl through an extremely long email.

In particular, it is worth bearing in mind:

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