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Exporting our content

You are free to use content on your own Cambridge Theatre website (e.g. societies).

You can accomplish this in one of two ways:

RSS service

It is possible to use the RSS feeds to import data into your site. See Getting updates via RSS for more details. If you use RSS feeds on a publicly accessible site, you must attribute the data on all pages it is used to

HTML fragment service

Most pages on can also be accessed at the following URL:[pageid]

All our formatting is accomplished using CSS, so you can reformat the page as you desire.

Of particular interest may be:[socid]

where socid is the id of your society, which can be obtained from the Society Manager admin page.

The phrase "data from" as served in the HTML fragment must remain visible. Otherwise there are no conditions on using this service.

XML service

We also allow our database to be queried directly, sending results in XML. For more information on this service, please contact [].

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