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If you want to act in a show it is likely you will need to audition in front of one or more people including the director. Find out what shows are looking for actors by visiting our website at We try hard to list every scheduled open audition, but to make sure you’re not missing out you may like to consider subscribing to society-run email lists, in particular the ADC Actors’ List ( ) which collates information from various societies. Many auditions are also announced in the student press (particularly Varsity ) although due to spacerestrictions less detailed information is given. You can arrive to audition at any point during the period of time stated on the advert. Various bits of paper will be outside the room, including information on what the particular audition will involve. Play extracts for you to prepare and a form to complete with your contact details may also be included. There will probably be others waiting outside the room. The director often spends a few moments writing notes after each audition – someone will come and fetch you when they are ready. Auditions can take many different forms, but generally they will be relatively short and include activities such as:

Many directors will hold recalls (second round auditions). Usually, a recall audition will be longer, less formal, and will involve reading and interacting with other recalled actors. Auditions can be hit and miss. Don’t worry if you’re not cast straight away: the trick is to get to every audition you possibly can to maximize your chances of success. Each director is looking for something different.

What to expect

The exact level of commitment varies depending on the show. If you accept a role, you’ll be expected to attend regular rehearsals which will generally be in the evening. In the run-up to the show, you may be asked to help with publicising the show through handing out leaflets, putting up posters or some form of publicity stunt. You normally need to be free during the daytime for the few days before the show opens: this is when you’ll rehearse in the performance space with the set, lighting and other technical facilities.


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