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Production Electrician

Production electricians (or production LXs) work alongside the lighting designer (LD) assisting with all the technical aspects of lighting the production. Most shows have only one LX, but more complex productions may use more. In the weeks before the show, the lighting design needs to be carefully considered, with each lantern assigned to a socket and the necessary cable runs determined. During the get-in, the lighting team rig and focus every lantern then programme the venue lighting desk based on the LD’s instructions. An LX will operate the desk for the technical rehearsal, dress rehearsal and performances. For larger shows, often a Chief Electrician will be appointed, whose role is to take some of the pressure off of the LD. For example, the Chief Electrician may take responsibility for organising the crew rota, planning the electrical patch, or even running parts of the get-in.

Although many people enjoy the job for its own sake, if you want to get into Lighting Design experience as a production LX can be very helpful.

Those new to lighting may find [] a useful reference to the lights commonly found in the ADC; most of it applies equally to other venues.

To find out opportunities to participate in lighting activities then sign up to

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