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Balancing Work

There’s a great deal to squeeze into the short terms at University. Don’t be surprised if academics aren’t enthusiastic about student theatre, especially if your course is science-based. That doesn’t mean you won’t have the time to do it.

Generally, theatre work can be scheduled flexibly around your other commitments until the week of the show, when the production schedule demands your presence at tightly specified times. Even then, if you are aware of a commitment before the get-in timetable has been planned (generally a couple of weeks before the show), you might be able to agree special allowances.

If you have trouble keeping up with work or the show, please talk to the director or producer. They may be able to help by rescheduling rehearsals and meetings to suit you better. At the very least, they should offer a sympathetic ear. You’re not alone: nearly everyone has felt weighed down by work at some point or other during their time at Cambridge.

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