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Remember that most material used for set or props will need to be flame retardant. Although this can be achieved using 'flamecheck' or similar, it almost always works out cheaper to buy fabric that's already flameproof.

Be aware that if something is labelled 'NDFR' this means Non Durably Flame Retardant - if these are wetted, e.g. by painting or dyeing them, they lose their flame retardant properties. Most places will offer free samples.

Fabric Market Stall

In Market Square, weekdays except Thursday

Robert Sayle

On Downing Street, opposite Emmanuel College; tel: 361292

Cameo Curtains

[] Benwick, 01354 677796

Supplier of stage curtains. Cleaning, repair and re-flameproofing services.

J&C Joel


Theatrical fabric suppliers, can provide flame-retardant fabrics. The ADC Theatre has an account with them.

J D McDougall Ltd

[] 02085342921

Have some cheap NDFR (Non-Durable Flame Retardant) cloths for about £1.50/m ("casement") - once you include the cost of flamecheck this usually works out competitive. Delivery approx £10 for small orders. The ADC Theatre has an account with them.

Whaley's of Bradford


Fabric wholesalers, can provide flame retardant fabrics. Their budget delivery is good value, but can take up to 2 weeks. Their website shows their full range, and its costs. The ADC Theatre has an account with them.


(see costume and prop hire)

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