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Expanding Foam

Good for making an organic or rocky look on a surface. If you use it, be aware that you'll need to be able to use the entire can in one go, and that if this stuff gets somewhere, it stays. Use disposable gloves whenever you're working with it - this stuff is really nasty, and if it gets on your hands it will be there for a week.

[] - or Mackays have a similar product for a similar cost.

Screwfix also sell a cheaper version of the foam that is 'not fire rated'. Please note that this is very flammable, even when set - it burns really well and gives a nasty black smoke. Sorry, you're going to have to pay for the fire rated stuff.


A number of firms that were considered when looking for clear acrylic. Most will cut it for you; this is advised as it can be difficult to cut nicely.

[] - Based in Hitchin, so you might be able to avoid delivery costs. Have a range of plastic items, including Tarpaulins and Pond Liner.



[] - These turned out to be the cheapest for what we needed.


[] - they also sell rolls of roofing lead, which is a cheap and malleable way to weigh down slightly "tippy" set items and props

Unusual prop materials

Flints have a wide range of materials that could be useful for unusual set or prop requirements - particularly [], but investigate the rest of the site as well. If you talk to the ADC, it might be possible to split delivery if they need anything from there.

Large Rolls of Paper

Cambridge Evening News [], who are based in Milton, just north of Cambridge, will sell the ends of their printing rolls for £5 (April 2009). These rolls are approx 110cm wide; how long a roll you'll get depends on what they have available, which will vary from week to week, so it's worth leaving enough time to go back the following week if necessary. Contact Cambridge Evening News beforehand. In April 2009, the person to speak to was Donna, PA to the Production Manager.

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