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Bateman Auditorium - Gonville & Caius

About the venue

The Bateman Auditorium is in Caius Court in Gonville & Caius, next to that famous gate with the sundial on. It seats 100 people in comfy new raked seating, has a video projector, and you can hire it for free if your show's being funded by Caius's Shadwell society. Student productions are staged about once a term - there's fierce competition for space since it's also used as a lecture hall. You've got to book mid-way through the previous term.


It can only be booked by members of the Shadwell Society in Caius. It's rarely available for rehearsals, since it's being used by music people the whole time. This means it has a grand piano in it (which can be hidden in a cupboard).

Technical information

The stage isn't raised, but everyone can see it because of the raked seating. It's 3 metres wide, 2 metres deep. No masked exits - instead there's a very visible door to the green room on each side of the stage. The audience enters through one of these (normal-sized) doors - so you have problems if people need the loo. The Green Room (the Bateman Room) is ridiculously huge, with a fully-working kitchen in it, and toilets and changing rooms.

Excitingly, there's a massive projection screen above the stage, and a video projector which you can use. This is amazing if you work it into your play, and removable if you don't want video for some reason. The projector can project laptop screens, videos and DVDs.


There are about 25 lanterns - in different colours and positions. It's very hard to get at them to change them - but there's nothing you can't do with the existing set-up and proper programmable lighting desk, which offers spotlights, several different washes and coloured effects on top of that.


The sound desk is quite basic - but there's a lot of equipment - DVD player, Video player, CD player, Minidisk player. Not sure about microphones.

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