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Corn Exchange

About the venue

The Corn Exchange is in the middle of town, just off Market Square (next to the New Museums site). It's mainly used for professional shows - often live music, comedy etc rather than theatre - but occasionally a student show with a big budget will hire it. At time of writing, the last such show was 42nd Street, in Lent 2009 []


Since it is often booked up, and hiring the space is expensive, it's probably unlikely a student show would rehearse in the cornex before their technical.

Technical information
NB: It is a requirement of hiring the venue that you use cornex crew. This is generally a good thing, cos they know what they're doing (and are very friendly), but obviously costs you money.

Size of stage
Fairly massive. 16m x 9.5m in its largest format, and 1m off the ground (which is just slightly higher than you can comfortably jump up/down ;-)

How many audience
I've been told various numbers (from 600 to 1,900), but the one I trust most is 1,100. You might want to check it yourself ;-)

Backstage facilities
At least 6 smallish dressing rooms (no particularly large ones), and a kitchen. Good get round (down some steps behind the stage).

Through wings either side is the straightforward way. NB: wings do not mask. Not even slightly. Most of the audience on ground level will be able to see some backstage areas, unless you close the curtains completely!

What is the size of the load-in doors
According to the technical info section of the cornex site [] the smallest point for get-ins is 2.16m wide and 2.4m high

Other info
Flying set in and out is not really practical, as there's no space above stage to store it out of sight. However, the cornex does have a number of electric counterweights, so anything that you want to be flown to the same height constantly can be achieved.
Their cyc is a bit mankey.

Detailed information available on the lighting section of the cornex site: [].
Crucial things: They use a strand 530i, have 144 dimmer channels, 35 starlettes, 24 freedom 15/32s and 4 28/58s, about 80 parcans, and a couple of follow spots opped from a really fun-looking position in the roof (but which can only be opped by cornex crew).
12 of the freedom 15/32s are usually on the FoH bridge, and can be easily used for the wash.

Again, see the cornex site: []. One note that arose from 42nd St. was that although the cornex provided (at least) 6 radio mics, they didn't have pouches.

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