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Corpus Playroom

Location: St Edmund’s Passage (behind the Cambridge Arts Theatre).
Seating Capacity: 80
Audience Seating: 2 blocks of seating at 90 degrees to each other in the L-shaped studio
Backstage: two well-equipped dressing rooms
Entrances/exits: one door onto centre-stage from a corridor going to the dressing rooms. Entrances can also be made through the auditorium using the main entrance.


Opened in 1979 by Caroline Oulten and Mark McCrum, Corpus Christi's unique "L" shaped studio theatre was run for 22 years by the Fletcher Players solely for student drama. In that time the theatre has fostered talent such as Hugh Bonneville, Sam Mendes, Emma Thompson, and Stephen Fry. It's dedicated to student theatre during term-time and to community projects during the vacations. The Fletcher Players (resident company)and the Cambridge Arts Theatre ran the Playroom jointly for 10 years from 2001. Today, the Playroom is managed by the ADC Theatre and during 2010/11 the Playroom saw a radical redevelopment including improvements to the backstage and front of house areas with the addition of a box office. Today seasons are simultaneously programmed simultaneously with the ADC Theatre.


6 x Prelude 28/40 650w profiles
6 x Selecon Acclaim 650w fresnels
2 x 6-way Zero 88 Betapack dimmer racks (6000w limit)
1 x Zero 88 Alcora control desk
1 x Zero 88 Elara control desk

Two of the bars directly over the stage (the two nearest the lighting desk) are lower than the rest, which means lanterns on them can cause shadows. The other bars are slightly higher and are hidden by a ridge in the roof.

A common rig to achieve a wash is one fresnel on the bar nearest the lighting desk, and two on the bar over the front of the audience on the other side. These will light the stage pretty well, but the corners - especially the corner between the two groups of audience - can be difficult to light well this way.

If you need extra channels, then an extra DMX compatible dimmer can be run by the desk and borrowed from the ADC. There is also a 32A socket available, located below the installed dimmers, but the current set up does not leave a large enough hole for a 32A plug to access it.


2x SM58 Vocal Microphone
Spirit Folio Notepad sound desk
3.5mm headphone jack input cables for laptops/MP3 players
CD player
Crest power amp
4 JBL Control 5 speakers (two per audience area)

Additional Information

Productions at the Playroom are welcome to use equipment from the ADC Theatre where available, free of charge.
Further information can be found online at []

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