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Great St. Mary's Church

Large church in the middle of town. Mainly used for Opera, think its been used by a few societes.


Is the venue available for rehearsals?
Yes but must fit in around choir things and normal visiting hours
Who should be contacted to book it?
Does it have a piano for pantos/musicals?

Technical information:

Size of stage?
No stage but it is possible to errect your own
Format of stage/audience? (e.g. pros. arch, in the round, flexible performance space)
Church with balconies
How many audience?
Lots, couple of hundred
What are the backstage facilities (e.g. dressing rooms, get-round from one side of stage to the other)?
One room with get around
What entrances/exits onto/off stage are possible?
Depends how you set up the stage
What is the size of the load-in doors?
Quite large double doors at ground floor level
Are there any set-building/set painting facilities?
Not really


How many lanterns? What types?
One or two lanters on stands plus loads of permanant lights to light the church
What lighting desk?
None, 2 panels of switches to control lights
What rigging positions?
No fixed positions. Easy to set up stands on the balconies.
How many dimmers? What power/control technology would be required to add more?
No dimmers. Quite a few 13A sockets around church, no high power outlets
Does the venue have any particular lighting quirks or commonly-used standard rigs?
Fairly easy to set up lights but be prepared for spiral staircases and lots of carrying


Basic sound system for church services, not sure on details. Would recomend bringing own sound system if you want serious sound.

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