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Maria Björnson Theatre

About the venue

The Maria Björnson Theatre is located in the lush gardens of Robinson College. Opened in June 2004 it is located behind 4 Adams Road (itself in the college grounds) and is licensed for all kinds of performance except those with amplification, and by arrangement with the College Catering Department has space for food and drink to be served.

All performances must be finished by 11pm.


Students can book the space by arrangement with Brickhouse Theatre Company and Robinson College Conference Office. The college Garden Committee may also have a say. None students should contact the conference office directly. You can find Brickhouse at [] and the conference office at []

Technical information

The tiered area (directly in front of the stage) has space for 100 audience members, though there is considerably more space behind. Audience access to the space is via the single gate stage right, just behind the lighting control hut. Toilets are available in the main college building.

The Stage itself is solidly constructed and is raised half a metre above the ground, with access from stage right (though with notice temporary stairs can be provided stage left). A path leads to the stairs on stage right, shielded by a hedge which creates a secluded area, providing some backstage cover. Note though that for complete privacy tenting would be necessary, for which there is no arranged provision (i.e. you would have to pay for and arrange it yourselves). A space within college will be arranged as dressing room, though there is no guarantee that this will be sufficiently close for quick changes.


Maria Björnson Outdoor Theatre Lighting is provided on two lattice towers, each with 4, 300 watt halogen lights, dimmable and separately controlled from a lighting desk situated within a lighting control hut. Additional lighting can be added at the discretion of the College Maintenance Superintendent, though neither college nor Brickhouse can currently supply additional materials. Single phase power is available through 8, 13amp electrical sockets, 2 situated stage left, 2 situated stage right and 4 located in the lighting control hut. No amplified sound is allowed.


No amplified sound is allowed.

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