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Pembroke New Cellars

About the venue

New Cellars, the home of Pembroke Players, is a small studio theatre situated in the basement of Foundress Court in Pembroke College. Typically we stage 6-8 shows here each Michaelmas and Lent term, and 2 in Easter term. The New Cellars is also the venue for our smokers and poetry evenings.

The Theatre

None of the seating or the staging in the New Cellars is fixed. This means you can stage your play pretty much any way you want. In the past we've seen shows staged 'conventionally', in traverse or in the round; with performers on the same level as the audience or raised on our staging blocks; with seats in an L-shape or one three sides of the stage. No other studio theatre in Cambridge is so versatile. Once New Cellars was even transformed into a restaurant for a week, complete with tables for the audiences to sit at while they watched the drama unfold around them.

The New Cellars seats 70-90 people, possibly more depending on where you have your stage. The small size of the New Cellars is perfect for productions with smaller casts: things that can get drowned out in larger venues.


Because the New Cellars is a studio space, there is little in the way of fixed layout except the entrances and exits. The New Cellars is roughly square, with a main entrance in one corner. One wall is recessed into a storage area, which is usually covered with a black curtain. Likewise, one of the other walls can also be covered with a black curtain as a backdrop. Apart from these restrictions, the theatre layout is entirely up to the director: the New Cellars has a set of staging blocks that can be used to create a traditional stage, or the theatre area can be defined using set or lighting.


To book the cellars for rehearsal, you must contact the Pembroke Players Committee. Typically, the space is available for rehearsal from noon on the Sunday prior to opening night (Tuesday).

How many audience?


What are the backstage facilities (e.g. dressing rooms, get-round from one side of stage to the other)?

Depending on how the space is laid out, entrance/exits to the stage can be made through doors on either side of the room. There is also a small alcove in the room, shielded by a black curtain, which may be used as backstage area, storage space or dressing room.

For details of lighting and sound facilities, please see our guide at [] (Raven Authentication required).

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