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Yusuf Hamied Theatre - Christ's College

About the venue

Located in Yusuf Hamied Centre, New Court at the back of Christ's College. Most of its productions are funded by Christ's Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS).
The space is also used weekly (Saturday's) by Christ's Film Society.


The room can generally only be booked by Christ's students for CADS productions. It is also used by several other societies and individuals, so time may be limited.

Technical information

The stage is fairly small, approximately 6m across and 3m deep.
It can be hidden by electric curtains before the performance starts. Switches for this are found both at the side of the stage and in the tech box.

Raked seating for audience, providing 119 seats.

There is a dressing room and props store on stage left which can only be booked through CADS. Unfortunately, although there is a black curtain at the back of the stage, there is not enough room behind it for use as a practical get-round, which can cause blocking issues.


CADS possess a fair number of lanterns, mostly antiquated. 6 Patt 743 1kW fresnels are most useful (at least two are generally used for front-light), also 9 Patt 123 (bomb) 500W fresnels and 4 Patt 23 profiles. More recent purchases include two parcans and two Strand Quartet profiles as well as 6 Optiques.
24 channels are available, controlled by Strand 200 24-way 2 preset manual desk.

Rigging positions:
2 IWBs above stage, each 12-way
2 bars upstage of IWBs (currently with no adjacent patch points)
2 bars running US - DS with 12 sockets
Also a collection of ground sockets: 3 sockets on upstage wall, 4 15A sockets in dip-trap, 3 sockets on ridge at rear of auditorium.

The lighting desk is a Strand 200 - capable of 2 state preset, submaster and scene operation


The tech box's sound equipment is mostly operated by College Conferences, which can cause problems - it is worth speaking with Christs Accomodation and making arrangements in advance, especially regarding the amp and speakers.
CADS own two microphones, and there is permanent cabling linking sockets at the stage to the tech room.

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