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School of Pythagoras - John's College

NOTE: As of 2012, St John's College have decommissioned the School of Pythagoras as a theatre space, and disposed of most theatrical equipment. This information is maintained for archive purposes.

About the venue

The venue is an old building now hidden in the depths of John's Cripps Court, which was renovated in the 1960s. It can be difficult to find so special attention should be taken to ensure potential audience don't get lost on the way from the entrance to John's.


The space is generally available for bookings via the Lady Margret Players, or possibly for any member of John's. I believe LMP have priority bookings.

Technical information

The room is aprox 7m x 12m, in a flexible configuration. There are rostra platforms available for raking seating (14 of them, 2m x 1m each with 3 different height settings and with 10 1m toeboards available), and approximately 100 chairs available. At one end of the room, there is a retractable projection screen. Blackout boards exist to cover the windows, though attaching them is a bit of an art.

There is a dressing room at the projection-screen end of the room, up a small flight of stairs. Additionally, there are two entrances at the rear of the room, either side, and one half way down the stage left side of the room. The exits at the rear, and half way down the side, are fire exits lit with maintained emergency lights.

Access to the room is up a flight of stairs, which are quite narrow.


There are approximately 20 Strand Prelude F 550W frenel lanterns, and aproximately 6 Strand Predule 15/30 Zoom Spots. There is also a Strand Cantata set up to be used as a followspot. There are aproximately 4 floodlights, similar in size to a Coda. There is a shortage of bulbs available for these lanterns, so it may be wise to bring your own.

There are also 6 dimmable floods (500W each?) used as house lights which can be refocussed.

The room has a grid at aprox 3m high, with 3 bars running the length of the room, and 9 IWBs each with 6 sockets parrallel to this. The sockets are wired to a patch in the control room.

There are 24 ways of Pulsar dimming controled by a Zero88 Sirius 24 console, running via a Pulsar DMX->10v Analogue demux. There is no temporary power with which to install additional diming and existing dimmers are hard-wired into a distribution board.

There is a sound rack including Tape but no CD player, with a rack mount mixer (phono inputs, microphone preamps). There are 5 feeds from the room to the control room, and 4 returns, on 3-pin XLR. There is also a Clearcom Intercom base station. There are at least two intercom beltpacks with headsets though unfortunately the tie line down to stage terminates opposite the door to the dressing room so using them backstage during a show would be a hassle.

There are known problems with ground loops with this rack and laptops in particular.

Control room is up a ladder from the chair store room (make sure you sign out the "Projection Room" key from the porters). Mysteriously some of the 13A plug sockets don't work.

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