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Sir Humphrey Cripps Auditorium - Magdalene College

About the venue
New in 2005 this is primarily a lecture theatre but is regularly used by Magdalene drama societies to stage small shows and concerts. It is in the new Cripps Court on Chesterton Road just around the corner from the college and next door to Clare Colony. There is a large attractive oak-beamed lobby upstairs with licensed bar facilities.

The College Conference Office (also in Cripps Court) handles all bookings for the venue (ask in the cripps plodge for directions to the office).

There are other rooms available in college for rehearsals both with and without pianos although you may be charged if you are not a college member. There is a plan to purchase grand piano for recitals.

Technical information
Size of stage:
The stage is semi-circular with a recessed area upstage where the projection screen hangs.

142 raked seats with loads of leg room. Each seat has a collapsible desk for taking notes. Auditorium has red carpets and purple upholstery.

Backstage facilities:
A large greenroom through the stage left doors. Access to stage right and rear-of-auditorium is is through front of house. There isn't a raised stage and there are no wings but there are entrance doors both stage right and left. Stage right door leads immediately to front of house. It is possible for audience to enter at the rear of the auditorium and therefore preserve the doors to the stage for cast only (so long as they remain fire exits).

There is a motorised projection screen with the controls in the greenroom. It can connect to a laptop on the lecturer's podium or a source in the control room.

Get-in doors:
A standard double-door size (approx 6'6"x5')

Lanterns available:
Approximately four 500W fresnels rigged on the booms and ten profiles front of house. They are gelled into warm and cold front washes.

Lighting desk:
Zero88 frog - a 24/48 channel DMX manual desk or presets and subs.

Rigging positions:
Booms stage right and left, front of house bar above the audience.

18 - the dimmer racks are at the lighting positions - 12 on the front of house bar and 6 above the stage. All above stage/auditorium bars are accessible from the overhead gantry via the control room.

There are no dimming houselights, but there are LEDs in the floor, uplights on the back wall of the stage and the side of the auditorium and bright discharge lamps on the ceiling.

Control room
This is accessed on the second floor through a locked door. It contains the LX desk, the automatic controller for the houselights, dataprojector and microphone (which is the same control box as on the lecturer's podium), the amp rack, the houselights distribution box and a ladder leading to the gantries above the auditorium. The room is sound proof and has a glass window about knee height looking over the auditorium which cannot be opened. There is no cans system so communication between the auditorium and box is tricky so bring radios. There is no permanent stage relay.

There is no mixing desk as far as I know.

Speakers on the booms stage right and left. These speakers are very small (similar in design to Bose 101s) and have distinctly poor bass response, which has in the past been an issue for musicals.

CD, dual tape deck, microphone and laptop on lecturer's podium.

What technology would be required to add different outputs/sources?
There is a patch with outputs in 2 dips at the downstage end of the stage (these, along with controls for the houselights and data projector, are normally connected to the lecturer's podium).

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