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Winstanley Lecture Theatre - Trinity College

About the venue

The Winstanley Lecture Theatre is a large and pleasant, if basic, venue in Trinity College. It is part of Blue Boar Court i.e. in the region of College directly across the road from Trinity Great Gate. It is regularly used by Trinity's comedy debating society Magpie and Stump, and for guest lectures.


The Winstanley may be booked by Trinity societies for free, or for registered University societies for a moderate fee (approx. £50 in 2012). Enquiries should go to the Trinity College accommodation office. No piano is provided, but the stage is wide enough for an electric keyboard to be set on stage right.

Technical information

The stage itself is around six metres wide and two metres deep, and is raised 1m above the audience, which seats 150. There are two blackboards and a fixed AV podium on the left hand side of the stage. The audience has a sharp rake. There are no wings, although there are small areas behind which performers might crouch in comfort and be concealed from the audience. The stage thus has only two entrances, both of which are slow to use. By opening both doors to the lecture theatre a run-around may be fashioned; this is concealed from the audience.


The lighting is very basic. You may have house lighting or stage lighting, controlled from the AV podium on the stage (or the projection booth above)


There is a PA system which may be used via laptop.

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