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'Tis Pity She's A Whore
7.45pm, Tue 17th - Sat 21st Feb 2015 @ ADC Theatre

"To what a height of liberty in damnation hath the devil trained our age!"

1928. Florio’s speakeasy is doing a roaring trade, abetted by the intoxicating medicines of ‘doctor’ Richardetto. Glamour is everything, and sincerity is thin on the ground. The spotlight is on Annabella. As she sings from the stage, her various suitors spar and dance attendance to win her heart, her bed, and her mother’s approval. But her desires lie a little too close to home.

Soranzo seduces his way up the social ladder. The jilted Hippolita and Vasques plot murder and marriage. Cuckolded Richardetto seeks bloody revenge.

In a world of liquor, jazz and sexual excess, how will the world look upon two lovers breaking down the last taboo?


Poggio - Rose Reade
Vasques - Robbie Taylor Hunt
Grimaldi - Sam Keen
Bergetto - Jack Parham
Donado - Nicholas Hulbert
Philotis - Martha Murphy
Hippolita - Laura Waldren
Richardetto - Silas Lee
Soranzo - Gabriel Cagan
Putana - Alice Carlill
Friar Bonaventura - Will Chappell
Giovanni - Tom Chamberlain
Annabella - Julia Kass
Florio - Emma Blacklay-Piech

Production Team

CLX - Tom Johnson
Assistant Stage Manager [what's this?] - Amy Carmichael
Hair and Makeup [what's this?] - Emily Ranken
Fight Choreography [what's this?] - Bea Svistunenko, Robbie Taylor Hunt
Deputy Stage Manager [what's this?] - Hannah Edwards
Musical Director [what's this?] - Alex Maynard
Technical Director [what's this?] - David Stansby
Lighting Designer [what's this?] - Bethany Craik
Costume Designer [what's this?] - Jessie Mathewson
Set Designer [what's this?] - Emily Newton
Producer [what's this?] - Johannes Ruckstuhl
Director [what's this?] - Laura Batey
Assistant Director [what's this?] - Bea Svistunenko
Production Photographer - Johannes Hjorth

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