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CUADC/Footlights Pantomime 2017: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
7.45pm, Wed 22nd - Sat 25th Nov @ ADC Theatre
2.30pm, Fri 24th Nov @ ADC Theatre
2.30pm, Sat 25th Nov @ ADC Theatre
7.45pm, Mon 27th Nov - Sat 2nd Dec @ ADC Theatre
2.30pm, Tue 28th Nov @ ADC Theatre
2.30pm, Thu 30th Nov @ ADC Theatre
2.30pm, Sat 2nd Dec @ ADC Theatre

£9 - £16

[book online]

On the bustling streets of Paris, a revolution is brewing. And so, apparently, is the beer.

Today the world is going to be turned upside down. Today is the day of the Feast of Fools. It is the biggest, brashest, most politically radical party in town. And we have a hunch that you’re going to enjoy it.

The rich will become poor and the poor will become rich. The left will become right and the right will become left. Good will become bad. Day will become night. There’ll be lonely bell ringers with silly names, there’ll be moving gargoyles and pantomime dames. There’ll be dancing goats and drunken clowns, frightened villains and forgotten crowns. There’ll be lights, music, dance, song. Revolution, power, protest...

Ding dong!

[book online]

Technical Positions Vacant

Contact: Various email addresses as outlined above. The deadline listed below is only for the Headshot Photographer applications. For general enquires about the show please email

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 1st November, 15:00:00

Further information:


We are looking for a photographer who would be able to take and edit high quality photos of the cast and crew that follow the design of our publicity campaign (which is still to be released)! If you're interested in taking on the role then send an application to Nick and Charlotte before 3pm on 24th October at and please include:

- Your college
- Any previous photographer experience
- A small portfolio of previous work (preferably headshots)
- Any ideas you have to make the headshots really stand out



Want to be part of Panto but you don't want to commit to the intense preparation process? Want the excitement of the shows, but not the stress of the risk assessment? Then ASMing is for you!

We no longer have applications open for permanent ASMs but there is still the opportunity to apply for Rotating ASMs.

Rotating ASMs:
We will also need a team of rotating ASMs who will be doing a minimum of 3 shows each, preferably including a matinee. This is a much more flexible role, however when applying please commit to as many shows as possible! In your application please include any experience you have, although none is necessary, as well as how many shows you think you will be able to do (and roughly when these will be). Mentioning shows in your application will not commit you to these exact shows, a definite timetable will be made closer to the run.
The deadline for applications for rotating ASMs is midday on 1st November. Send applications to Milly at Also feel free to email or send a message if you have any questions at all!



Are you interested in paint, Paris or pantomimes? Oh yes you are! We're looking for set builders and painters to help us construct the most ambitious set of the year, so come and get involved! - no experience/commitment necessary for either role, come along whenever you like! Email Leah and Sammie at for more information and/or register an interest!



We're looking for a team of people to join the sound department as mic fitters/runners and we are accepting applications from anyone with any level of skill. Both positions will require attentiveness and organisation however experience really isn’t necessary as there will be a training workshop in advanced of the show where you will receive instruction and have the opportunity to ask questions.
Please send applications (or any questions) to Charlie at and please note that applications will be considered on a rolling basis until we have enough applicants.

For more details about each of the roles please see below:

You will be working closely with the costume team to fit the cast with headset
microphones before the show. You will also be in charge of correctly positioning the cast
members’ microphones and securing them to withstand any choreography routines. You will be
expected to attend the start of several pre-agreed evening or matinee performances, but need
not stay for the entire show.

You will be working closely with the Sound Designer and Sound Engineer to set
up, test and fit radio belt-packs to cast members before the show. You will be expected to
periodically check microphone telemetry data and fix/report any anomalies (eg. low battery level) that occur during the show. You will additionally be in charge of keeping track of the belt-packs during the show, and responsible for any swaps that take place amongst cast members.
You will be expected to attend several pre-agreed evening or matinee performances for the
entire show.


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