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CUMTS Christmas Cabaret 2017: 12 Days of Christmas

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For one merry night only the Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society presents 12 Days of Christmas! Let your Christmas countdown begin with a cabaret night of chart-topping festive tunes, comedy and cheer, performed by Cambridge’s finest musical theatre talent. Come rock around the Christmas tree with CUMTS to celebrate the end of term and the beginning of the holidays!

[book online]

Technical Positions Vacant

Contact: James Daly at

Deadline for applications: Saturday 28th October, 00:00:00

Further information:
The show will be a cheesy, chilled Christmas cabaret, full of choreographed pop songs and festive delight. From a tech perspective, this is a really good way to be involved in a low-commitment show, especially for people hoping to be part of CUMTS shows next term! Whilst experience would be useful for all of the roles, if you are keen and don't have much experience, please still apply and if you're successful, we will look into getting you trained!

To apply, please email James at with any relevant experience to the role you’re applying for and why you’re interested in the show.

What we are looking for from the specific roles:

Lighting Designer
We are looking for someone experienced to just go crazy and Christmassy with lights! This role will be fairly low commitment and hopefully lots of fun, as you will have a lot of free reign. We would meet up during the rehearsal period to discuss the lighting design, you would ideally come and watch a run of the show, and then we would tech all day on show day (November 1st). Just think of the Christmas lights possibilities....

Sound Designer
This role will involve managing the microphones and band levels for one of the most exciting musical shows of term. It will be fairly low commitment and a great way of gaining experience on a musical show. Experience is required as there will be a large cast and a small band to mic. We would meet up during the rehearsal period to discuss the sound design, you would ideally come and watch a run of the show, and then we would tech all day on show day (November 1st). We hope you're ready to control the levels of someone singing the high note in All I Want for Christmas Is You...

Stage Manager
Some experience stage managing would be ideal, as we don’t have much tech time so we need to get everything done quite quickly on the day. However it won’t be a very complicated show, so it shouldn't be too stressful. If you love sourcing Christmas trees and snow machines, this is the show for you...

Deputy Stage Manager
Like for the SM, we need someone very organised, as we don’t have much tech time on our tech/show day (November 1st). This person must be confident following sheet music (the songs won't be complicated but it is likely that there will be lighting/sound cues that coincide with moments in the music). Like the others, it will be a low-commitment role, and a good one for someone who wants to gain DSMing experience on a small-scale show. Have you ever dreamt of cueing your favourite Christmas song along with some gorgeous Christmas lights? Your time has come.

Publicity Designer
Do you fancy making a jazzy, festive poster and social media imagery for CUMTS’ contribution to cheesy, Christmas musical theatre? Get in touch if you have been waiting for an opportunity to apply your design skills to Christmas musical joy!

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