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Detention: A Sketch Show

The rebel, the princess, the outcast, the brain, the jock.

Forced to endure each other's company for a Saturday detention, they must find fun ways to pass the time. Will they overcome their differences? Will the sketchy librarian stop sticking his nose in? Is this just the 80s cult classic The Breakfast Club?

Join Footlights Smoker regulars Leo, Kate, Laura, Stanley, Noah and Will as they take you on a sketch-based journey full of fresh-faced characters, shiny new jokes and at least one fake moustache.


Writer / Performer - Noah Geelan, Will Hall, Laura Cameron, Leo Reich, Kate Collins, Stanley Thomas


Diego - Sophia Sheera, Finlay Stafford

Production Team

Chris Laz - Chris Lazenbatt
Lighting Angel [what's this?] - Daphne Chia
Technician - Ruth Harvey
Publicity Designer [what's this?] - Alfred Leigh
Assistant Director [what's this?] - Aaliyah Bates
Producer [what's this?] - Adam Woolf
Director [what's this?] - Jasmin Rees
Script Consultant - Adam Woolf

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