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7.45pm, Tue 31st Oct - Sat 4th Nov @ ADC Theatre
2.30pm, Sat 4th Nov @ ADC Theatre

"Wherever we go
Whatever we do
We're gonna go through it together"

'Gypsy' follows ultimate showbiz mother Madam Rose as she desperately tries to force her two daughters, June and Louise, into a life of Vaudeville. Even as Vaudeville is dying in 20s America, Rose is determined that her kids will be stars of the Orpheum circuit -- just so long as she can convince everyone that they are no older than 9.

When June abandons the act to become an actress in her own right, Rose forces the less talented Louise to take her spot, desperate that one of her children should be a star. Rose finds herself in a theatre world which is caught between drab Vaudeville and sleazy burlesque, but how far is she willing to go to make her daughter the star she dreamed of?

'Gypsy' is a story about love, motherhood, ambition and drive, all brought together by Styne's phenomenal score and Sondheim's lyrical wit.

Technical Positions Vacant


Deadline for applications: Tuesday 24th October, 23:59:00

Further information:
get hyped. it's a show that'll probably have stash. and if you apply now, you too can have stash.

Week 4 CUMTS musical GYPSY is looking for a team of SET BUILDERS, ASMs and MIC RUNNERS to help put on this incredible show.

We're looking for a team of people to come help out in the week before the show (and at our get in) with the building and painting of our set. Super low key, come as much or as little as you like, all help appreciated!

We need a dedicated team of ASMs to help us out during the get in and show week (and with building too if you're keen). Very varied role -- some of our ASMs will be on the ground with our SM team, some flying counterweights and some flying hemps -- you get to learn about all the backstage areas and be involved in the running of the show, so if you're interested in any tech role (esp stage management), this is great.

We need **at least** two dedicated mic runners to make sure all our actors can be heard throughout the week. If you're interested in sound design at all, especially sound designing musicals, this is a super useful skill to pick up!

In your application, let me know:
- Why you're interested
- Which position(s) you're interested in
- Any previous experience (but **none** is necessary)

Send applications to Francesca (fic21) by midnight on Tuesday October 24th.
If you have any questions, shoot me and Alistair (agh50) an email:)


“Gypsy” is a story about love, motherhood, ambition and drive, all brought together by Styne's phenomenal score and Sondheim's lyrical wit.

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