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Hot Gay Time Machine presents
Hot Gay Time Machine (Ed Fringe)
11.10pm, Mon 7th - Mon 28th Aug @ Daisy, Underbelly, Edinburgh Fringe
9.30pm, Wed 4th - Sat 7th Oct @ Daisy, Underbelly, Edinburgh Fringe

Gays. Music. Dance. Comedy. (lack of) Talent. Lights. Camera. Action.

“you'll emerge from it enlivened and exhilarated, if a little shell shocked” (CTR)
“Their approach is underground and edgy, and the speed of their improvised interactions is riveting.” (Varsity)
“it's completely delightful” (CTR)

Join Zak and Toby, as they take you out on a cabaret evening of outrageous dances, hilarious comedy, and mind-blowing songs that will BLOW your MINDS. So what are you waiting for? Gay marriage? WELL WE GOT THAT ALREADY SO COME PARTY WITH THE GAYS.

Covering all the important moments of a gay man’s life, from coming out to your mum to navigating the naked politics of the school locker room, this musical duo present a camp, ridiculous and honest celebration of LGBTQ+ culture and difference. Don’t miss this “well-seasoned double-act” (CTR) as they debut this riotous, flamboyant and wildly indulgent musical party. It’s only a party when the gays arrive.


Gay - Zak Ghazi-Torbati, Toby Marlow

Production Team

The One No One Cares About - Peggy
Godot - Henry Wilkinson
Irish Accent Coach - Kevin Fletcher
Lemonade Stand - John Tothill
Great British Bake Off Winner 2015 - Susannah Williams
Head of Pilates - Ellie Warr
CUADC Alumni / Ex-Student - Sam Knights
Token Woman - Saskia Baylis
Lighting Operator [what's this?] - Susannah Williams
LX Operator [what's this?] - Tom Bevan, Alan Eagan
Police Officer - Heather Conder
Picnic Blanket - Louisa Keight
Show Chaplain - Will Bishop
Georgia Aynsley - Leo Reich
B - Ruth Harvey
Head Of Gay Props [what's this?] - Georgia Holmes
Token Ginger - Ruari Paterson-Achenbach
Baker - Abigail Smith
Doing It For The Underbelly Pass - Ellie Mitchell
Publicity Lifesaver [what's this?] - Rob Eager
Publicity Designer [what's this?] - Gabriel Agranoff
Climate Technician - Ruth Harvey
Biggest Fan - Zoe Morris
Ally (understudy) - Laura Cameron
Lucy's P- NO SHUT UP LUCY YOU DON'T GET A PA - Rachel-Marie Weiss
Over-Enthusiastic Audience Member - Lucy Dickson
Zak's Mum - Laura Pujos
Historical Advisor - Robin Franklin
Zak's PA - Molly Yarn
Welfare Officer - Gabriel Humphreys
Horse Whisperer - Hope Whitehead
Spokesperson - Yasmin Freeman
Minutes Lady - Ania Magliano-Wright
Someone with Pet Dog - Caroline Baylis
Toby's Stunt Double - Alistair Henfrey
Zak's Foot Double - Ruby Keane
LX Operator [what's this?] - Alex Barnett, Ellie Mitchell
Writer - Zak Ghazi-Torbati, Lucy Moss, Toby Marlow
Stage Manager [what's this?] - Saskia Baylis
Associate Producer [what's this?] - Lewis Brierly
Producer [what's this?] - Zak Ghazi-Torbati
Butcher - Nicholas Wong
Straight BF - Ellie Coote
Appropriately-Enthusiastic Audience Member [what's this?] - James Daly
Wet Fan - Geraint Owen
Vegan Correspondent - Holly Musgrave
Toby's Bit On The Side - SiX
Exclusion and Homogeny Officer - Kate Collins
Horse Whisperer's PA - Noah Geelan
Time Machine Architect - Elise Limon
Head of Ambience - Johny King
+ - Cat Loud
Welsh Accent Coach - Rose Reade
Accent Coach - Rose Payne
Person Who Presses *BEEP* Button When You Curse - Elaine Duncan
Pet Dog - Ryden Stackhouse
Sad Grad - Marthe de Ferrer
Director [what's this?] - Lucy Moss

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