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BATS presents
Love and Money
7.30pm, Thu 16th - Sat 18th Nov @ Fitzpatrick Hall, Queens' College

'You see, he could see that I couldn't afford the car. Do you understand? It was visible on me.'

David and Jess have debts. Big debts. Debts that are crushing them. They think they're willing to do whatever it takes to pay them off - but how far will they really have to go?

Love and Money explores how our modern relationship with money affects our relationships with each other through the story of young married couple, David and Jess. As their debts spiral, they will turn to unconventional ways of earning money that they'd never even imagined. A dark examination of what lies behind the picture-perfect consumerist life, this play questions whether it is ever possible to connect to others when money will constantly get in the way.

Content warning: descriptions of suicide

Technical Positions Vacant


Deadline for applications: Wednesday 18th October, 23:59:00

Further information:


‘Love and Money’ explores how our modern relationship with money and objects affects our relationships with each other. Jess and David are a young couple whose spiralling debts are leading them down roads they never even imagined as they encounter murder, suicide, and some of the more ‘unconventional’ ways to earn money…
To help bring this wonderfully dark play life, we’re looking for a talented and committed team.


We need:
• Stage Manager
• Technical Designer


Please email to apply including:
- Why you want to work on the show
- What ideas you would bring to the show
- Any relevant experience you have (not required!)

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