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Reckless Topiary Enthusiast
9.30pm, Mon 9th Oct 2017 @ Corpus Playroom

Rufus McAlister likes to trim hedges into the shape of weeping llamas with Freudian undertones. He also likes to perform solo sketch shows, filled with props, kooky characters, mime and deep deep regret that he’s already this exhausted so early in term. Join this semi-charismatic, virtually-likeable Footlight for his debut hour of frenzied fun and madness, and the first ever human cannonball launch from the Corpus Playroom!


The Reckless Topiary Enthusiast - Rufus McAlister
Additional Voice Work - Hettie Blohm

Production Team

Director [what's this?] - Jasmin Rees
Producer [what's this?] - Elise Hagan
Recording Babe [what's this?] - Comrie Saville-Ferguson
Publicity Photographer [what's this?] - Kitty McAlister
Tech Hero - Ruth Harvey

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