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Cambridge University Shakespeare Players presents
3pm, Sun 8th Oct 2017 @ Queens College Gardens

"Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight, for I ne'er saw true beauty till this night."

The Montague vs. Capulet feud is not the only arbitrary factor trying to keep the couple apart, as the only daughters of the two families come up in a passionate and impulsive affair that shakes Verona to its foundations.

Cambridge University Shakespeare Players presents Romeo&Juliet.


Paris - Eduardo Strike
Nurse - Kim Alexander
Friar - Henry Eaton-Mercer
Tybalt - Myles O'Gorman
Juliet - Georgina Taylor
Romeo - Anastasia Bruce-Jones
Balthasar - Elliott Wright
Capulet - Myles O'Gorman
Mercutio - Francesca Bertoletti
Benvolio - Comrie Saville-Ferguson

Production Team

Assistant Director [what's this?] - Stella Swain
Associate Queer - Phoebe Levermore
Director [what's this?] - Gaia Fay Lambert
Associate Director [what's this?] - Sophie Leydon
Stage Manager [what's this?] - Lily Burge
Associate Producer [what's this?] - Anna Jennings
Sound Design [what's this?] - Laura Wells
Set&Costume Designer [what's this?] - Lisa Bernhardt
Props provider (some of) [what's this?] - Amelia Parker

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