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**The Marlowe Society Presents: HATCH.1
8pm, Mon 9th Oct @ ADC Theatre (Bar)

"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again.
Fail better. " - Samuel Beckett

The Marlowe Society’s Hatch is an event for the theatre community providing space for short excerpts of student new writing of any genre to be staged at the ADC Theatre.

This HATCH launches a brand new year-long program for writers that the Marlowe is running in 2017-18, offering a hub for the writing community with a biweekly writers' group. This evening will be particularly useful to those looking to test audience reaction to a piece in development. It will be both for existing ADC regulars to reconvene at the beginning of the year and for freshers or newly inspired theatre-makers to meet the community. Our first writer's programme session will be Wednesday the 11th following the HATCH.

At a HATCH, we want you to feel like you can fail, succeed, slip up, try again, get it wrong, get it right... but most importantly, write.

Details for writers, actors and directors who would like to be involved in the night are below.

This night is in the ADC Theatre Bar on Monday 9th October at 8pm.
For tickets:

Doors open at 7. Before and after the event there will be social drinks and a chance to meet the new committee.



We're contactable at (og262 cc'd)


Please submit your script, poem or piece of prose for performance by Friday 6th of October at 6pm.
This can be any genre and, for our programming purposes, should fit into one of three categories: 1 minute and under, 5 minutes and under or 10 minutes and under.

Directors & Actors -

Drop us a line by Friday October the 6th at 6pm to register interest.

Writer/ Actor/ Director teams are welcome to apply together and/ or writers can specify who they would like to direct or act in their pieces.

Teams will be allocated on Friday the 6th and will have three days (within which we recommend 2-3 hrs rehearsal) to prep for either script-in-hand or off book performances as suits the group.


Actor - Christian Harvey, Laura Pujos, Helen Vella Taylor, Olivia Gillman, Becky Shepherdson, Eugenia Jacenty, Atreyi Chakrabarty, Joe Pieri, Milo Callaghan, Inge-Vera Lipsius, Anna Bullard, Alessia Phillips, Melissa May, Jamie Sayers, Erika Price, Madeleine Pullman-Jones, Olivia Sutherland, Rachel Kitts


Scottish Play Instrumentalist - Myles O'Gorman's Speaker

Production Team

Writer - Bordan Tokarskyi, Gaia Fay Lambert, Kate Collins, Atreyi Chakrabarty
Nick Clegg - Christian Harvey
Production Assistant - Christian Harvey
Director [what's this?] - Myles O'Gorman, Olivia Gillman, Tiffany Charnley, Geraint Owen
Associate Producer [what's this?] - Sophie Taylor
Producer [what's this?] - Olivia Gillman
Writer - Jamie Hancock, Ella Godfrey, Maya Yousif, Sapphire Elisha
Compere - Olivia Gillman, Sophie Taylor
Writer - Louise Harris, Olivia Gillman
Publicity Designer [what's this?] - Olivia Gillman
Writer - Olivia Sutherland, Cam Wallace, Eugenia Jacenty, Henry Phillips
Director [what's this?] - Alistair Henfrey, Molly Yarn

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