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The Satyricon
9.30pm, Tue 21st - Wed 22nd Nov @ Pembroke New Cellars

63 AD. Nero’s Rome. The city is in turmoil under the rule of a dangerous tyrant, but Encolpius is more worried about the fact he can't get it up. Join him and his fellow reprobates as they drink, argue and shag their way across Italy in a journey that will take them all the way from the brothel houses of Puteoli to the sex-mad cult at Croton, enduring along the way shipwrecks, terrible poets and the grotesque company of the obscene noveau riche Trimalchio.

Adapted from the ‘Roman Novel’ of Petronius, The Satyricon will be a dark and scandalous journey through the twisted decadence of the Roman Empire, and a riotous piece of immersive theatre.

Presented in association with the Cambridge University Classics Society.

Further audition information:

THE SATYRICON is holding auditions for 9 roles!

Based on the latin text by Gaius Petronius, The Satyricon follows Encolpius, his slave Giton and his irritating friend Ascyltus as they travel across the ancient Roman Empire in search of a free meal, a bed for the night and a quick shag along the way. Obviously things go wrong as Encolpius gets himself cursed by Priapus (the god of penises) and the three stumble into seedy sex cults, terrible dinner parties and even a shipwreck.

The show will be a mix of dark comedy with elements of physical and immersive theatre, and will be performed in the round. Experience of physical theatre may be useful, but certainly not necessary. Of the nine roles on offer three will be the play’s central characters and the remaining six will provide the chance for some fun multi-rolling, featuring meatier roles alongside more standard chorus stuff. Since the show is only a two-night stand, it won’t be a huge commitment time-wise!

Please note that some roles may potentially involve some level of partial nudity and/or physical intimacy with other actors. We will prioritise the actor’s comfort at all times, but if you have any particular concerns about this in advance, do let us know. Likewise, due to the nature of the original text, the play contains some references to potentially triggering themes such as rape and sexual violence. If you think you might have any concerns at all with this, feel free to discuss this with us at audition or over email.

Any questions, email or Auditions will be taking place in the Pembroke New Common Room, just up the stairs from New Cellars. Extracts will be provided on the door!

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