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Romeo and Juliet
7.45pm, Wed 24th - Sat 27th Jan 2018 @ Cambridge Arts Theatre

The Arts Show is the Marlowe Society's biggest and most ambitious show every year. Performed at the beautiful Cambridge Arts Theatre, it is a tradition dating back to 1936. We hire a professional director and designers, each of whom takes on student assistants to teach and mentor. It is an unparalleled chance for students to perform on a professional stage and gain real-world experience for their future careers.

This year's show will be directed by Tom Litter, artistic director of London's Jermyn Street Theatre.

Further audition information:


Each year, the Marlowe Society offers an opportunity for actors to be directed by a professional, working director and to perform in the Cambridge Arts Theatre. The Arts Show, as it is known, has been a springboard for many careers moving beyond Cambridge.

The show will be directed by Tom Littler, artistic director of London's Jermyn Street Theatre.

This year’s production will have a cast of about 20, of whom around 10 ACTORS will be doing extensive verse-speaking. For the other ten we’re looking for MUSICIANS, DANCERS, SINGERS, and generally TALENTED PEOPLE to form an ensemble. This includes, but is not limited to:

--> Musicians: Guitar (Spanish), any instrument that can be played and carried (violin, flute, extremely small piano)

--> Dancers: Flamenco and Latin ballroom (paso, tango, etc) are particularly desirable

--> Singers: Flamenco particularly, but singers of all styles are very welcome

--> Movement: anyone interested in ensemble based movement technique, even if you don’t specifically identify as a dancer

Basically, if you have a talent, it may well have a place in our ensemble! We’d particularly like to encourage people who fit this description but feel less comfortable with verse speaking to audition.


Auditions for this year's Arts Show will be held on Saturday, October 14 and Sunday October 15th, with recalls on Sunday October 22nd.

If you can't make the weekend auditions, there are also slots available on the Thursday (12th), however please try and leave these to those who definitely need them! We will find time for anyone who wants to audition to, but to do so we need your help to be as flexible as possible (thank you so much!)


*Actors* (this is for if you primarily want to audition as an actor, as opposed to with a specific skill / talent):

- - Please prepare a 1-2 minute long classical monologue (classical being broadly defined as pre-1900, with preference for Shakespeare or other early modern verse, ie. Webster, Marlowe etc.).
- - This should be ideally learned by heart, however if you bring a copy of the monologue with you we are more than happy to give prompts. This won't count against you in any way, it's not a memory test after all!
- - Women and non-binary people should not feel restricted from picking a speech originally written for a male character. Choose a speech you like!
- - Every role will be cast race and accent blind, so we would particularly like to encourage BME and international students to audition.
- - Recalls will all be held on Sunday 22nd so please keep this date free!

*Ensemble* (for if you primarily want to audition with a skill / talent, as opposed to as an actor):

- - What we primarily want is to have a brief chat with you about your skill and to meet you (we will ask to hear / see your skill in recalls when we have a bit more time to properly watch and enjoy what you can do!)
- - There will be a selection of verse extracts available on the door which we would just like to hear you speak - please don't let this put you off in any way, it isn't a test of who *gets in*, rather what roles we might consider you for, because some ensemble roles will have small speaking parts whereas others won't. So this is simply to assess whether we consider you for one of the speaking roles or not!
- - Please note: The ensemble will not be needed for the WHOLE out-of-term rehearsal period.
- - Please keep Sunday (22nd) as free as possible, as this will be our chance to hear / see your skill / talent!

- - we realise not everyone will necessarily fall into one of these two chategories- that's really great too! Simply put 'both' on the audition sign-up sheet and just chat to us about what you have in mind during the audition. We're really keen to hear about anything you might feel you can bring to this production!


^Simply input your name and email address in the spreadsheet above. If possible it would be great to also have an indication of whether you are primarily auditioning as an actor or an ensemble role, and if the latter a suggestion of what your skill / talent is (eg. 'flamenco dancing' or 'singing' or 'violin') would be very helpful!

^For SUNDAY 15th auditions, scroll to the right past the Saturday slots.

^For THURSDAY 12th auditions scroll down on the spreadsheet to the lower section.


Rehearsals will start in December, pause over the Christmas vacation, and continue fairly intensely until the show, with actors remaining after the end of Michaelmas and returning before the start of Lent. Due to scheduling, actors will not be able to participate in both ETG and the Arts Show. The week of the show will require that actors are at the theatre all day for the majority of the week.


More information is available on our website:

If you have any questions, email Sophie (actors' rep) at st649, Molly (Marlowe president) at mgy22 or Anastasia (assistant director) at We're all really excited to hear from you and answer any questions you might have, so please don't be worried about getting in contact!

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