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Murder in the Cathedral
7.30pm, Fri 17th - Sat 18th Nov @ Selwyn College Chapel

England, 1170. Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, has returned after seven years of exile. In the company of his clergy he presses on homeward, met by a multitude of voices telling him to turn back. But Becket will not be stopped, and religion and politics are about to collide in a shocking act of violence.

See T.S. Eliot’s astounding drama brought to life amidst the Gothic splendour of Selwyn College Chapel.

Further audition information:

For their Michaelmas term production the Selwyn Mighty Players are bringing T.S. Eliot’s acclaimed ‘Murder in the Cathedral’ to Selwyn College Chapel, for two nights. Written in the 1930s, the play dramatizes the events leading up to Archbishop Thomas Becket’s assassination in Canterbury Cathedral, as he defies the power of the state in the name of his beliefs.

We are looking for a cast of 10+ actors and voice actors to bring this mammoth piece of writing to the stage, and with the exception of the chorus will be casting gender/raceblind. In the Googledoc below you’ll find some information about the different roles, the style of the production, and more sweet deets for cool cats. Extracts provided on the door.…/2PACX-1vTO3sW5IyyILllyjKxRjL_…/pub

Sign up for auditions here! Each audition will last 10 minutes.

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