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Twelfth Night
7.30pm, Thu 16th - Sat 18th Nov @ Howard Theatre, Downing College

*All BME production*

A gender-bent twist on one of Shakespeare's best-loved comedies - if you didn't think Twelfth Night was confusing enough already! Violo and his twin sister Sebastia are victims of a shipwreck. When Violo washes up on a strange land, alone and desperate, he realises the best way to get work with the Duchess Orsina is to dress as a woman, Cesaria. Orsina, who is madly in love with the Count Oliver, sends Violo/Cesaria to deliver his love messages to Oliver. Oliver ends up falling for Violo/Cesaria instead, while Violo begins to realise his own budding feelings for Orsina. Further chaos and confusion ensue as Oliver's household staff and relatives hatch a plot to humiliate his stuffy housekeeper, and events come to a head when Sebastia arrives on the island and is mistaken for Cesaria!

Join us for a fun and modern take on Shakespeare's classic - all roles except Violo (m), Sebastia (f), Orsina (f) and Oliver (m) to be cast gender-blind!

Further audition information:

*All BME show auditions*
Twelfth Night is looking for 16 BME actors and actresses for our gender-bent twist on Shakespeare’s classic – as if the original didn’t have enough gender swapping already!

No experience at all required – we’re just looking for people who love theatre and want to get involved. All roles except Violo (m), Sebastia (f), Orsina (f) and Oliver (m) are will be cast gender-blind, with extracts provided on the door. Auditions will be held at Downing College, but please drop me an email at if there are any accessibility problems with this, or if you would prefer to be able to look over the extracts before you audition.

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