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Happily Ever After
6pm, Thu 30th Nov @ Homerton Auditorium, Homerton College, Hills Road, CB2 8PH
7pm, Fri 1st Dec @ Homerton Auditorium, Homerton College, Hills Road, CB2 8PH

A fairy-tale pantomime that we're touring to local schools, care homes, and kids' clubs. These are our student performances which are open to the public.

Disaster strikes when Prince Dashing is kidnapped by the Evil Queen! Princess Periwinkle must team up with Chortle, her loyal jester, to save her brother and her kingdom. Along the way they encounter Hansel & Gretel - Witchhunters™, Steve - the dragon with a sentient stomach and arse, and the not-too-bright Henchthings of the Evil Queen. There's music, drama, and puns aplenty in this year's CULES' Michaelmas Pantomime.

We don't sell tickets for these shows but there will be a collection for charity at the door, with a suggestion donation of £5/person. All the money raised will go to charity.

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Further audition information:

CULES is holding auditions for Happily Ever After, a Fairytale Pantomime about the Princess Periwinkle trying to save her kidnapped brother, Prince Dashing, from an Evil Queen.

There are both small parts and large parts to try out, and EVERYONE WHO AUDITIONS GETS A PART. So whether you want to steal the centre stage, or just want to dip your toe in to theatre, there's a part for you. Including: Royalty, Jesters, Evil Witches, Henchthings, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters™, The Head, Stomach, and Arse of a Dragon (all speaking parts), and more!

CULES is a student charity that puts on silly plays and pantomimes and tours them around the local community. We visit schools and elderly people's homes, and end the term with a student show that's open to the public. We aim to bring theatre to those who wouldn't normally get to experience it, including those who find it hard to get into the Cambridge theatre scene.

There will be two drop-in audition sessions, designed to be welcoming and stress free. The Saturday evening slot is for those who'd prefer a solo audition. Where as on Sunday there will be group auditions, where you will have the opportunity to try out roles with other auditionees. If you can't make either of these days but would still like to get involved, or you have any questions concerning auditions, please email:

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